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Roxanne Everett

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Thank you for looking at my page among all the other great SPACE Artists!


I first came to paint the landscape while working as a Backcountry Ranger for our National Parks. For several summers, I was assigned to live and work in remote but spectacular areas in the high Sierras. During that time I kept detailed watercolor journals with paintings that portrayed the everyday life of a Backcountry Ranger. Those journals also were filled with some of my first landscape paintings. One of those journals is now on permanent display at the Grant Grove Visitor Center in Kings Canyon National Park. It sits next to journals of other, far more famous, wilderness users than me.


Since then I have kept painting the landscape, consistently inspired by whatever ecosystem is at hand. More recently, I have participated in several artist residencies including four National Parks, several overseas arts organizations and others closer to home. Each place has provided fresh inspiration and a constant outdoor classroom to learn about the local ecology. For me, painting these wild or natural landscapes are like love letters to a place. They are remembering and acknowledging my personal connection to them. But it is also my hope that any resulting painting shares with the viewer an awareness of the fragility and preciousness of our natural resources.


Having a studio at Magnuson Park has helped me be a more productive and accomplished artist. I have space to work large and can work on several pieces at once - things I could not do before. I can interact with other artists who are sometimes faced with similar struggles as myself. And it is at this home studio where everything comes together for me, whether I’m coming back from another location with new material or simply starting an altogether new series of paintings. I enjoy interacting with visitors at the Open Studio events and am grateful to always have a place to show my work.


Besides my website, my work can be found in the permanent collections of Acadia National Park (ME), Kings Canyon National Park (CA), Badlands National Park (SD), John Day Fossil Beds National Monument (OR), Agate Fossil Beds National Monument (NE), the City of Kent WA and Hendrix College (AR).


I hope you will enjoy looking at my paintings. Perhaps they will transport you to someplace you have never been to before or, maybe, they will renew memories of your own favorite and cherished places.

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