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© Whale's Tail, Harmony Hoss, acrylic on paper, 2020 (detail)

Indigenous Creations: Contemporary & Traditional Art

The Magnuson Park Gallery is proud to present our latest exhibit featuring creations by two indigenous female artists of the Pacific Northwest Coast; Harmony Hoss, Tlingit artist, and Janice Jainga-Lonergan, Tsimshian weaver and artist.  Their original and traditional artwork illustrate their Tlingit and Tsimshian culture and spirit. 

Meet the Artists:

Harmony Hoss

Harmony is a self-taught Tlingit artist born and raised in Seattle, WA. She is of Raven moiety from Beaver clan, Deisheetaan.


As a self-taught artist Harmony has her own unique style, creating a more contemporary look while still using the traditional art forms. She has created all of her pieces free hand, no rulers, graph paper or computer programs were used in drawing her art. Mediums used to create her works include pen and ink on paper, acrylic paints on canvas, block printing on t-shirts and handmade face masks and handcrafted beadwork using small beads. Harmony first began selling her works in 1994 at local pow-wows and art marts and in 2008 began selling her works in the Pike Place Market daystalls.

Janice Jainga Lonergan

Ksgooga Gwisgwaasgm Gyemk, Ts’msyen name, “First Child born under the Blue Moon”
Janice Jainga Lonergan, English name

I am Ts’msyen, Lak Gi Bou (Ts’ymsen Wolf Clan).  I am a weaver & artist for over 40+ years. 


My Great Grandmother, Mahtilda Lawson, Grandmother, Ella Lawson Jainga, & Father, Joseph V Jainga, Jr, all had their Tsimshian heritage stolen away from them as they were not allowed to speak the language, teach their traditions to their children, grandchildren and all future generations to ensure the existence of their Tsimshian culture. The Indigenous knowledge in my DNA has emerged despite all efforts to extinguish the creative light within.

My unique indigenous creations are both traditional & contemporary.  My traditional creations are for ceremony, family members, & clan members.  The woven, beaded & regalia creations are made with passion & careful attention. Red & yellow cedar bark, grasses, ferns & devils club materials are harvested & prepared by me from the Pacific NW mountains & forests.


My indigenous creations reconnect me to my ancestral spirits through weaving, gathering materials, creating regalia & art to honor them. My art heals, connects, & teaches me respect for those who came before me, re-establish my deep love for the land, ocean, and culture of the Ts'msyen.

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