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Understanding Oil flyer.jpg

Fong Baatz's student exhibition

On view February 10th - March 1st, 2024

This exhibition features students of all ages from Fong Baatz’s class, who have learned the foundations of oil painting through studies done from direct observation, such as still lifes.

These works vary in style and composition, but are connected through the artists’ love of art and their shared mentor. Key elements that may be found across several pieces are techniques that Fong emphasizes, such as patchwork, subtle shifts in value and hue, and warm underpaintings left peeking through in the final results.

This exhibition features Aileen Liang, Alina Urriola, Amy Liu, Amy Xuan, Angelina Kam, Ariel Kam, Avery Mckay, Cecelia Wu, Celine Ao, Chantelle Ma, Chloe Pang, Christy Hao, Ellie Mu, Ethan Li, Gianna Zhan, Isabel Li, Jinhong Wu, Jinze Lang, Madison Liu, Marina Hao, Stephanie Li, Thivia Mogan, and Varenna Ronald.

This show is produced by Chantelle Ma, Magnuson Park Gallery Intern. An oil painter and student of Fong Baatz, Chantelle has curated Understanding Oil to feature works made entirely by student artists of Fong Baatz.

Accompanying the artworks are flower arrangements provided by the Ikenobo Lake Washington Chapter

Understanding Oil is on view February 10 - March 1 with special hours on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12-3 PM, or by appointment. Please email or text (206) 512 6130 to set up an appointment.

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