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Karey Kessler: intersection and connection

Time and geology—their intersections are frequent. Karey’s process is one that taps into her emotions, where she works in the moment, following along with the flow. Similarly, her lines are freehanded, reflecting the abstract expression that her pieces embody. In contrast, she utilizes stamps and stencils for the typography, because the weight of her words is important. When necessary, however, she does handwrite certain words. Karey takes aspects she enjoys from previous pieces and carries them on to her current work, establishing various lines of connections throughout her work, just like the lines in her pieces.

Karey has two works exhibited in our Small Works exhibit, before the memories, and timeless region. Both pieces were exhibited in an early September show, called “this underlying structure”, the theme being about what we can’t see and the essence that exists beneath and around us.

If you want to find Karey and her work, check out her website, her instagram @kareykessler, and her online publication in Interalia Magazine.

Small Works From The Artists of Building 30 West opened November 2 and can be viewed through December 16. Also come visit our Open Art Studios event on Saturday, December 2 from 12-4 pm at Building 30 West!

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