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Plein Air Views of Washington


Magnuson Park Gallery is excited to present our first ever Plein Air Art Festival exhibition Plein Air Views of Washington. This exhibition is the highlight of the festival and a show we are looking to share each year for many to come. The exhibition showcases 36 artists from across the state sharing their plein air works depicting the beauty of Washington.


We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Artist Reception: Friday, July 16, 2021 5-8PM

The Artwork

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Want to purchase a piece?

To purchase any of the works found in this show reach out directly to 

Prices listed do not include tax, free pick-up at Gallery will be able to be arranged following the end of the show.​

All images credited to the individual exhibiting artist unless otherwise noted.

Want to see the show in person?

Regular Gallery Hours: Thursday and Friday, 11AM - 3PM

or by appointment.


To schedule an appointment, email:

On View: June 18th - July 23, 2021


Magnuson Park, Building 30 West

7448 63rd Ave NE, 3rd Floor (310)

Seattle, WA 98115

More About the Artists

Listed in Alphabetical Order by Last Name

H.J. Amaro

  • About: H.J. Amaro is a digital artist / art roboticist from the deep sticks.

Brooke Borcherding

  • About: Brooke is a full time award-winning acrylic artist who's colorful bold style presents a contemporary approach to a traditional art form. She picked up the brush in high school and began plein air painting in 2009, working ever since to create unique views of our landscape.

  • Website:

Jon Bradham

  • About: I experience joy when I see beauty - especially in nature - and I want to communicate and share that joy with others. When I see a scene that captivates me, I unconsciously start painting it in my mind. I re-experience that initial joy when my art makes a connection with another.

  • Website: 

Sydney Davis

  • About: I enjoy immersing myself in nature and finding flow, even if it means some dirt or a bug will make its way into my plein air artwork. I also paint abstract pieces inspired by nature, such as a zoomed in view of a flower or aerial view of a landscape.

  • Website: 

Grace de la Peña

  • About: Grace de la Peña was born in the Bronx, but raised in rural Ohio, playing on farms and in the creek. During extended daily nature walks along the Sammamish River Trail, painting became a way to appreciate pandemic life. 

Abigail Drapkin

  • About: Abigail Drapkin earned her MFA in Painting + Drawing from the University of Washington in 2019 and her BA in Studio Art from Brandeis University. Her oil paintings merge landscape, still life, and figure to nudge narratives just out of sight. Abigail currently teaches art at Billings Middle School.

  • Website:

Sarra Elgammal 

G. Gelfan 

  • About: G.Gelfan has been a professional in the arts since 1980, working as a painter, Gallery director, frameshop owner/manager, and art supply store manager. Her paintings and drawings have earned attention is shows across much of the United States.

  • Website:

Frankie Gollub

  • About: Living in the Pacific Northwest fosters my love for landscape painting and provides me many places to draw that inspiration from. Plein air studies in these places allows me to study from nature and then take that knowledge back to the studio to paint larger studio paintings.

  • Website:

Nadia Hakki 

  • About: A lifelong creative, Nadia began her journey as an oil painter in 2007 after a year-long atelier program at Gage Fine Arts. “The challenge of painting outdoors is it’s attraction. I am pushed to be more expressive and energetically capture my immediate feelings. I find it delightful being in nature and simultaneously inhabiting a deep inner space.

  • Website:

Charlene Hall 

  • About: For most of my life I have worked in the world of Theatre and Ballet, designing scenery and painting backgrounds. Frequently the scenes are enigmatic and dreamy. That is what I love about the Skagit Valley, the area where I have recently moved. The landscape has a quality of light and boldness that embodies watercolor. I love watercolor with all its challenges and I am forever trying to capture that magical light.

  • Website:

Leslie Ann Hauer


Fen Hsu 

  • About: My artworks are inspired by my home in the Pacific Northwest. The dynamic forms and emotive colors in my paintings evoke the dynamic natural environment. From my background as a civil engineer, I reflect on the environment and stewardship in art that is whimsical and philosophical.

  • Website:

James Kroner

Janelle Kroner

  • About: Janelle Kroner, located in Union WA. She received her BFA in Drawing and Painting from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and is the new President of Plein Air Washington Artists. Janelle enjoys teaching and encouraging beginner painters and she loves to paint locally along the Hood Canal and the South Puget Sound. 

  • Website:

Corina ​Linden

  • About: Peace and beauty are often found in the small things, especially during difficult times. I am interested in the power of landscape to renew and connect us. I work en plein air as often as possible to refresh this vision and to connect with the community that loves and shares these spaces.

  • Website:


Eric Marts

  • About: I’m a Seattle native who has been painting all my life. Intrigued by the stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest, I love to go on amazing adventures to find my next landscape. Inspired by many techniques, I gravitate towards an impressionist style, but always experimenting with others.

Betsy McPhaden

  • About: I am a long time painter of Pacific Northwest scenes and a member of the Art Stall Gallery in Pike Place Market. I work in both oil and watercolor and always have a painting set with me ready to capture beauty in plein air.

  • Social Media: Instagram @Betz2544

Sandy Bricel Miller

YiJu Miller

  • About: Painting with watercolor has been fun and enjoyable activity. Most of my paintings are inspired by the beautiful nature and uplifting environment in my surroundings. I love painting on location because it helps me learn to capture the beautiful and feeling that in studio can’t create.

  • Social Media: Facebook @YiJuWaterFun


Ned Mueller

  • About: Ned is a very accomplished and highly respected artist, having been drawing and painting for over 65 years.He has been designated as a “Master Artist” with both the Oil Painters of America and the American Impressionist Society. He lives in Renton, teaches workshops in his studio, online and venues around the country and overseas.

  • Website:

Susan M. ​Payne

  • About: Educated as an architect (UW Seattle and Columbia University, NY), Susan Payne learned freehand art as well as technical drafting, and worked as an Architect until 2018. She brings art supplies on camping, hiking or city trips. Active in Plein Air Washington Artists,Tacoma Urban Sketchers and Seattle's Gage Academy classes; Susan paints or draws almost daily.

Suzanne ​Powers

  • About: Capturing the light is what plein air painting is all about for me. Nature is my inspiration, its power and fragility. My paintings are a personal response to that light, color, and form and a celebration of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

  • Website:

Carolle Rose

  • About: I have always lived in places surrounded by water, whether in the UK, Canada or the US. Water and the natural environment have been at the center of my activities. So, naturally, oceans, lakes, rivers are common themes in my paintings, reflective of my life passages, both physical and emotional.

Jason Starkie

  • About: Jason Starkie is one of the Building 30 artists. As well as plein air painting he has also worked in a variety of other styles since attending the San Francisco Art Institute in the late 80s. He currently makes a living crafting handmade violins, violas and cellos in Seattle.

Trevor Taylor

  • About: Born in California, raised in Colorado, and currently living in Washington; Trevor is an avid backpacker and rock-climber. When he is not painting, he is in the mountains, enjoying the great beauty of the Pacific Northwest. His work is often allegorical, and he delights in exploring the intersection of subjects where new and interesting ideas can emerge, revealing something ineffable about the human condition.

  • Website: 

Po-Yan Tsang

  • About: I am a Seattle painter who celebrates everyday objects and life in the Pacific Northwest. Having worked in the fast-moving software industry in Seattle for over a decade, I relish taking time to paint, reflect on, and celebrate the seemingly mundane moments in everyday life.

  • Website:

Wen-Hsi Tsen

  • About: Wen-Hsi Tsen is Taiwanese American. She learns from many wonderful artists at Gage Academy of Art. The artists that influence her the most are Charles Emerson on colors, Barbara Fugate on lines and forms and Linda James on experimenting.

Barbara VanDyke

  • About: Barbara VanDyke is a professional artist in the Seattle Area and a third generation “local” originally from Olympia. She received a Master’s Degree in Art from UW and has spent three years abroad teaching in Turkey and China. In 2001 Barbara co-founded “the Painted Ladies” art studio in Issaquah. She is a sought after teacher and demonstrator and has spent many years teaching wilderness plein air painting workshops. All her work reflects her passion for the spirituality of wilderness.

  • Website:

Cynthia Walker

  • About: Painting since 2010, a favorite plein air location is from my deck in Olympia, facing Squaxin and Harstine Islands. My work has been accepted into juried shows with the Olympia Art League, Northwest Watercolor Society, Healdsburg Center for the Arts, the Emerald Art Center, and the Leonor Fuller Gallery.

  • Website:

Ted Weinberg

  • About: Weinberg’s landscapes celebrate the natural grandeur of his native Pacific Northwest. He learned perspective drawing techniques in high school and the languages of design and proportion at the University of Virginia School of Architecture. He draws inspiration from the "grand opera style" landscape painters Thomas Moran and Fredrick Edwin Church.

  • Website:

Morgan Welch

  • About: Morgan Welch is an architect by training, but loves exploring the Pacific Northwest through artwork in any spare time. She lives and works in Seattle.

Andrea Woods

  • About: Art feels like magic to me. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where oil painting is my medium and nature is my muse. It is my goal to make paintings that are more than their subject, that stir our emotions and put us in a wonderful place.

  • Website:

Suze Woolf

  • About: Suze Woolf’s work is about human relationships to nature. A painter, she explores a range of media from watercolor to paper-casting, from artist books to pyrography and installation--sometimes all together.

  • Website:

Fatima Young

  • About: Fatima Young received creative degrees at the F.I.T and C.W. Post University in New York and is now on the board of PAWA. She hopes to connect viewers through her process...chasing the expressive light and catching the earth’s rich moods through her own representational painterly style of realism.

  • Website:

Min Zhong

  • About: Min has been painting in oil for almost 20 years. She strives for impressionistic loose strokes blended with a classical realism that explores the interplay of shapes and light. She is most influenced by her teacher Max Ginsburg’s social realism.

  • Website:


During times of financial and economic hardship, the arts are often the first to get cut. If you value local art and music, please consider making a donation so we can continue to make a place for the arts in NE Seattle. 70% of all art sales made in association with this exhibition will go directly to the exhibiting artists with the remainder going to support the operations of the Magnuson Park Gallery and SPACE 101.1 FM .

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