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Inside, Outside, and Undersea

Oil paintings by Colleen Hoffenbacker, Leigh Fulwood & Christine Krauss

May 5th - June 18th

Colleen Hoffenbacker brings the old art of oil painting into the world of augmented reality, in a series representing inside in this exhibition. Her delicately painted scenes of lush floral interiors address her question, “what if Matisse had a computer?”. Hoffenbacker explores the holistic beauty of nature outside her studio, and brings the tangibility of the natural elements inside, while also extending its essential presence into these newly designed imaginary landscapes and sanctuary spaces.

Leigh Fulwood presents a collection of exquisitely painted Gothic barns in and around Snohomish County, their facades memorialized in a cohesive series representing the beauty outside within this exhibition. Fulwood’s attention to light, detail, and texture within this series captures the essence of Gothic architecture, as it appears in contrast to the rural landscapes the barns featured in this series occupy.

Christine Krauss’s collection, Aquaria, is inspired by her time spent visiting aquariums along the West Coast and in Hawaii. This series transforms photos taken by Krauss into radiant underwater scenes, depicting the magical other-worldly essence that can be found undersea. With careful attention to light, color, and composition, Krauss presents an incredible collection of paintings that act in conversation with the visual depictions of inside and outside within this exhibition. 

This show is sponsored by Valerie Collymore, founder of the Emerging Artist Program at The Collymore Oil Painters Atelier. 

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