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Dianne Dickeman

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Studio # 314



I really appreciate my studio in Building 30 West. After years on the waiting list, I moved into the building in February 2019. I am very happy to have my own space - to be able to come in and close the door and focus on my work is invaluable. The building is a great working environment with a good community of artists, and the location in Magnuson Park is an added plus. 

My work is mainly based in painting and drawing in the mediums of oil, acrylic, watercolor and gouache, charcoal, and graphite. I am pretty firmly attached to that two-dimensional plane. I begin a piece with an idea in mind, but the image really resolves during the process of working. The surface shows the history of the process, scraping and repainting, a record of the changes. My work balances the line between imagery and abstraction, particularly when working on a series. The imagery is often more recognizable early on and becomes more abstract over time. 

Most of my recent work has been focused on land and water, rivers, wave patterns, geologic formations. Much of it references the eastern Washington landscape that I grew up in and that is still dear to me, especially the Columbia River, but also the Pacific Ocean and the land and waters of the Pacific Northwest. 

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