Bev Byrnes



Studio: 304


Starting fall 2020:


I paint realist and abstract paintings using a variety of mediums, from oils to mixed media to Japanese nihonga painting. I have an innate love of materials and process and spend much of my time exploring the expressive potential of a specific material or technique. New skills and mediums always build upon previous ones, opening new pathways and generating a constantly evolving flow of ideas and inspiration.


My current working method is informed heavily by Japanese nihonga painting. Working with sumi ink, mineral pigments, hide glue and silver leaf, my intent is to visually depict the interplay of form and formlessness. I am interested in the nature of reality and awareness and how the act of painting and the specific materiality of the nihonga medium can inform and embody this exploration visually. 


You can see my work and inspirations on the above links. Contact information can be found on my website, in the “About” tab.

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