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Sand Point Arts and Cultural Exchange (SPACE) connects and enriches our community through art, music, and culture.

General Information

Visit our Events page for more information about past and future exhibits.

Magnuson Park Gallery

Building 30 West, Magnuson Park
7448 63rd Avenue NE, 3rd Floor



Regular Gallery Hours:

Thursday - Saturday

12 PM -  3PM

or email to make an appointment.

The gallery presents exhibits from guest curators, emerging and established artists, and outside collections and seeks to provide a public and accessible forum for the arts. 


To get on the list for gallery updates and news, please join our mailing list


Rental info: please inquire.




Plein Air

Views of Washington

May 9 - June 29


May: Featured Artist

Maggie Jiang


Historic Preservation Developments

Would you like to see more space devoted to events, performances, and exhibitions? Will Seattle finally get a state of the art sound stage for film? How about a restaurant? With the current cultural foot print in the park's historic district limited to just 6%, two potential developments in the pipeline could make a difference for generations. 

What kind of activities and facilities would you like to see in the park? Join the mailing list for all the updates and let us know what you think.

Support Arts in Magnuson Park
Your donation fuels SPACE's advocacy and programming initiatives for Magnuson Park. Please show your support today.

Funded in part with the support of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, Seattle Parks and Recreation

and 4 Culture

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